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Yes, the restaurant name does translate as "Friends of Ham". Fine hams are to Spain what fine cheeses are to France. Although hams hang from the ceiling in every restaurant, this restaurant was the first place we encountered that served the manna of the ham world, the jamon serrano Iberico bellota JJJJJ (or "5J"), and my it was tasty. The serrano style ham is salt-cured (but in 1/4 the salt used for U.S. country ham) in the mountains, and is never smoked. The best come from wild-boar-descended pigs that are raised free-range in the oak forests of the Iberico region, and eat up to 20 lbs. of oak acorns a day near maturity. The acorns give the meat a sweet nutty flavor. The quality of the ham is then rated on a scale of 1-5 "Js". Some hams are "reservas", just like a reserve wine, and you can buy ham futures.