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After Tarragona we decided that the south coast was too hot, and everyone we had talked to before the trip preferred the north coast, so we drove north to San Sebastian on the Bay of Biscay just a few km from the French border. It was 10 degrees cooler, there were dozens of the Basque pintxo places, and since it rained the first 3 days we were there we rationalized spending a full 8 days in this one city. San Sebastian is in the heart of the Basque region of Spain. People tend to speak Spanish for everyday use, but there is a growing movement towards the Basque language as the everyday language, and street signs and menus are usually in Basque. Catalan is at least close to Spanish; sort of like Spanish with a heavy French influence. But Basque is a completely unique language with bizarre pronounciation. Here Dorothy enjoys the cooler temps along the enormous sweeping beach (you can see about 1/3 of it in this shot). Our hotel was about 2 blocks away.